Updox & AID: Partnering to Support Independent Doctors

Proud sponsor of the Association of Independent Doctors 

Independent providers are the backbone of our healthcare system and helping them not only survive but thrive has been the Updox mission since day one. Small practices might not have the same budget as health systems but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to the same technology. Updox helps independent doctors be more efficient and streamline how they communicate with patients, families and other care givers so they can focus on improving care.

Updox does this through a comprehensive communications solution that funnels all practice messages to a universal inbox where the messages, including appointment cancellations, patient questions, refill requests, referrals, lab results, faxes and more, arrive and can be easily responded to by the physician or office staff inside the office or away using their phones. The Updox inbox consolidates all these communications into one system and eliminates the need to jump between multiple programs from different vendors. 

As an example, when a referral is received to the practice inbox, it can be read, dated, signed, forwarded and attached to a patient chart in less than a minute – in a secure, electronic and paperless format. All of this is done in a way that lowers costs, heightens security and saves time so that practice resources can be focused on higher-value, patient-centric tasks. All of this helps independent providers prepare for the industry shift to value-based care.  

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Read what fellow independents say Updox has done for their practices

“I definitely believe that Updox helps me stay in business. It's important to me to operate my practice on my terms. Updox lets me maximize my time and focus on taking care of patients." - Thomas Miller, MD

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“In a small practice like ours, Updox serves many roles and allows our practice to flourish without having to add extra staff.” Kari Jewett, Family Medicine of Jonesborough

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“Some software ends up wasting your time. Updox actually saves me time. It's faster and easier to manage than other solutions used in my office.” Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

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“I'd tell any independent doctor - simplify your life with Updox and you won't look back.”
Ricardo Ortega, MD

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