Independent providers are the backbone of our healthcare system. Helping them not only survive but thrive has been the Updox mission since day one. Small practices might not have the same budget as health systems but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to the same technology. Updox helps independent doctors be more efficient and streamline how they communicate with patients, families and other care givers so they can focus on improving care.

Updox does this through a comprehensive communications suite that includes options for: 

  • Electronic (paperless) faxing - Access faxes and documents from office or mobile device
  • Appointment reminders - Automated, customized text, email & voice reminders (up to 3 per appointment) 
  • On-demand messaging - Customized, targeted communications to easily engage patients 
  • Direct secure messaging - Grow your referral network through simple, secure communications with other providers
  • Patient portal - Intuitive, simple-to-use portal to connect patients to your practice  
  • Patient payments - No more billing! Collect balances and co-pays right in office  

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