On-demand notifications by phone call, text, email

Blast Infographic.png 

Sometimes you need to communicate with patients quickly…

  • Today’s patients need to know that the practice is closed due to a utility outage
  • A road closure means a new route for patients arriving within the next two weeks
  • You have a few appointment spaces left for sports physicals later this week
  • Remind yesterday’s no-shows to call the office to reschedule

Other times, there’s information worth sharing to build relationships and engage patients in their care….

  • A “Happy Birthday” message to all patients celebrating birthdays this month
  • Reminder about a health education event to patients who recently completed a cholesterol screening
  • Share information with referring physicians about a new process within the practice

Sometimes you just need to be compliant

Blast enables practices to send educational content to help comply with CMS requirements.

Customizable. Intuitive. Reportable.

Updox Blast helps practices reach out to groups of patients and contacts immediately, as you have information to share, without having to do it one person at a time.  It saves you time and effort, offers the flexibility to tailor your messages to specific audiences, and deliver messages using whichever communication method you’d like.

It’s easy to target your messages to specific groups of patients or contacts to ensure the right group gets the right message at the right time in the right way.

Blast offers comprehensive reporting with summary and detail-level views into message reach. This service provides considerable time and cost savings to practices and staff. Best of all, Updox offers free set-up and training.