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  • Broadcast Messaging

    Drive seasonal appointment and screenings with proactive messaging targeting specific patient populations

    • Alert patients about emergencies and closing
    • Build relationships with your patients

On-demand notifications by phone call, text, email

Broadcast Messaging helps practices reach out to groups of patients and contacts immediately, as you have information to share, without having to do it one person at a time. It saves you time and effort, offers the flexibility to tailor your messages to specific audiences, and deliver messages using whichever communication method you’d like.


Communicate with patients quickly when...

  • Today’s patients need to know that the practice is closed due to a utility outage
  • A road closure means a new route for patients arriving within the next two weeks
  • You have a few appointment spaces left for sports physicals later this week
  • Remind yesterday’s no-shows to call the office to reschedule



"What we get through Updox has been amazing. It has solved a lot of issues we had in the past. We have easy tracking and better documentation of how faxes are sent and received. We’re a detail-oriented practice and now the detail we have is even more refined."

- Eric Costanios

Manager, HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer at Medical Records

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