Installing Updox 

Get started using Updox today with our web app version

Windows Users

Google Chrome is the preferred browser of Updox. If you do not have Google Chrome, you may install it here.

Then, browse to

Click Login

Click to select your EHR

• if your EHR is not listed, select "Other"

• if you do not use an EHR select “I don’t use an EHR”

You may create a “Favorite” in your browser by using this address:

OS X -Mac Users –

1. Go to

2. Drag the Updox icon into the Applications section of the Finder.

3. Click Updox icon now in Applications and choose “Open” to run Updox. If prompted with a warning choose “Open” again to run.

4. If you would like the Updox icon to appear in your Dock drag the the icon from Applications to the Dock and a shortcut will be created.

*You may need Java jdk version if Updox does not open. You may find it here. To install click the button to “Accept License Agreement” and click download named Mac OS X x64.