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Updox Messenger

Whether your office has multiple departments or various locations – there’s an easier, faster, more efficient way for staff to collaborate at work to improve patient care.

About Updox Messenger

Too often, communications across healthcare teams can be scattered, disconnected, and not appropriately documented. Whether it’s post-it notes, phone calls, emails, or hallway conversations, it’s often difficult to ensure all of the appropriate information makes it to the right team members at the right time. In today’s world, we have become accustomed to having information and the ability to communicate at our fingertips. Healthcare should be no different. 


Updox Messenger, part of the Updox Productivity solution, is a secure, inter-office messaging solution that centralizes all your team communication into one central location. Updox Messenger healthcare team members effectively communicate with one another – all in one system and in-workflow. Thereby greatly reducing the amount of scattered communication in your organization and centralizing information in one place in a collaborative manner.


  • Accessibility – Stay connected and be notified of any important conversations, regardless of where you are
  • Customization – Customize and organize chats to fit your workflow
  • Collaboration – Easily create and manage communication across teams
  • Auditability – History is stored securely and timestamped to ensure traceability and security
  • Compliance – 100% HIPAA-compliant



“The immediacy of text means we can get that information in front of them with a higher degree of certainty that it was received. You can’t get that from voicemail or email.”


-Phillip Boucher, MD, Lincoln Pediatric Group

Multiple solutions. 

One platform.


There’s a solution out there for everything, but when selecting a partner for secure text, consider the cost and workflow impact if you opt for someone who focuses on just one thing.


The last thing providers need is to trade manual process and time on the phone in for maximizing and minimizing windows and wrestling disconnected technology all day.


By consolidating provider and patient workflows into a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, we are breaking the single point solution approach to managing patient care. Integrated with 100+ electronic health records (EHRs), Updox serves 300,000+ users and 80 million patients. Our approach helps healthcare providers lower administrative costs, increase patient satisfaction and streamline referral processes.



Want to learn more?


Let Updox transform the way your staff communicates with each other. 

Improve productivity and staff satisfaction when you: 

  • Speed communications within your business
  • Gain visibility into when messages were sent & received
  • Eliminate logging on/off between systems for staff to ask questions of each other
  • Get answers to patients faster
  • Manage communications from a central location
  • Capture conversations to file to patient chart 

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