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Collaboration Platform

Engagement + Communication + Productivity

Engage patients, simplify provider communication and eliminate redundant workflows from the same place.

Our full platform maximizes productivity by removing clutter and helping healthcare work more efficiently without the noise (and cost) of disconnected technology solutions, manual processes and frustrated staff.


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Communication + Productivity

Unlimited Usage

HIPAA-compliant, simplified care team collaboration
Electronic Faxing
Secure Mail
Internal Messenger

  • Centralized inbox

  • 1.2M Provider secure email directory

  • Inbound and Outbound faxing

  • Document edit and sign

  • Internal Electronic forms

  • Document management & storage

  • Internal team messaging
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Engagement + Productivity

Unlimited Usage

Customizable, secure patient engagement
SMS & Secure Text
Appointment Reminders
Broadcast Messaging
Patient Forms

  • Centralized inbox
  • Two-way secure text messaging
  • Customizable Reminders
  • Messaging to groups of patients
  • Human voice phone messages
  • Foreign language messages
  • Internal team messaging
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Is Updox secure?

Updox was created specifically for healthcare businesses and is 100% HIPAA compliant. We are also fully accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and DirectTrust.

What does implementation look like?

Since we're web-based, there's no hardware to install!  Customers are able to start Updox'ing immediately after registration. We have self-led videos and documentation as well as group trainings and tailored individual training to fit your preference.  All customers will have a Customer Success Manager on hand to guide you on the way. 

Can I keep my fax number(s)? 

Yes! We are able to provide unlimited toll free and local numbers if you do not yet have them, but for those with established numbers - we can route them into Updox by call forwarding or porting the number in. 



People go into health care to help people. No one goes in wanting to hear frustrated patients, spend hours at a fax machine or leave phone messages all day. Updox takes the phone away, eliminates the stacks of paper, lowers costs and empowers our patients in a way that lets us spend our time caring for them in a more meaningful way.

- Kari Jewett, Family Medicine of Jonesborough 


If you really want to connect and engage with your patients - you have to reach them where they live - which is on their phone. That’s the biggest benefit Updox offers. It lets us get in front of our patients without being annoying. We can share information via a simple text which is quickly becoming the easiest, fastest and most preferred way so many of us communicate."

- Dr. Phil Boucher,  Lincoln Pediatric Group


“It’s rare to find a product that is well liked by both front office and nursing staff and staff love using Updox. Between five locations, we have 20 staff members checking patients in and out, in addition to faxing, answering messages, phones and more. Now, they can access everything from the Updox inbox. It helps spread the workload between the locations and lets us work much more efficiently.

-Natalie Ingle, CHTS-PWThe Women’s Clinic


We’ve noticed a reduction in the number of no-shows since using Updox and that’s been great. It’s definitely been an added value for our practice. We didn’t have a reminders solution before Updox and we looked at another vendor but the opportunity to get both reminders and document management from one partner appealed to us.

- Susana Garcia, East Belt Family Medicine