Updox Pharmacy Connect is a web-based care coordination suite that is interfaced with QS/1 and helps pharmacists exchange secure messages, receive transitions of care, and engage patients in order to provide better care, take advantage of new revenue opportunities and lower costs.


Pharmacy Connect provides QS/1 users with: 

  • Enhance Care Coordination with the Updox directory containing over 1 million Direct email addresses to communicate patient information within HIPAA compliancy. 
  • Eliminate Paper Processes with electronic inbound and outbound faxing, online patient forms and payments, and document management.
  • Engage Patients Online with an easy-to-use, beautifully designed portal that allows patients to access their health and medication records, MTM education materials, and receive messages sent directly from the pharmacy.
  • Drive Clinical Services Revenue with the ability to electronically document clinical services, send and receive pharmacy eCarePlans and strengthen your collaboration with local prescribers for an improved referral process.