Direct Secure Email for Practices

How can Direct secure email help your practice?

Direct secure email is a new way of securely communicating and sharing Personal Health Information (PHI) with other healthcare providers, hospitals, and other partners assisting in the care coordination of your patients. Direct secure email is now required to be a part of every EHR that has received their 2014 certification. This means when your practice goes to attest for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use you will need to use Direct secure email to complete three tests:

  • Transition of Care Out – You will need to create a Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) and send it securely to another provider using the Direct secure email feature of your EHR. Upon successful delivery of the email to a third-party provider you will receive a Message Delivery Notification (MDN) back into your EHR.
  • Transition of Care In – You will need to be able to receive a C-CDA into your EHR, be able to view the contents of the record, and be able to import the information into a patient’s chart. The message sent to you must use the Direct secure email protocol.
  • View, Download, Transmit (VDT) – As a part of Stage 2 of Meaningful Use you will be required to set up a patient portal to securely communicate with your patients. One of the capabilities that must be included in your patient portal is the ability of a patient to choose to send their medical record (C-CDA) to another third-party provider using Direct secure email.

In addition to the requirements for meeting Meaningful Use, Direct secure email can now be used to share information with any other provider of care who has been approved to have a Direct email address. This can include C-CDAs, progress notes, lab results, X-rays, MRI Images, and any other documents or messages.

More than 70 electronic health record vendors, representing more than 250,000 physicians, have selected Updox as their Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for Direct messaging. The Updox Direct Network (UDN), the largest in the nation built on Direct, serves a full spectrum of health care. The scale of the UDN and Updox’s ability to offer a single resource for integrated practice communications, including a patient portal option, are the reasons our strategic partners make Updox their EHNAC Certified HISP, RA, and CA of choice.

Join the growing list of partners who are taking advantage of our platform and services! Complete the form below if you would like more information or contact your EHR vendor to see if they are ready to support Direct secure email for your practice. 

Our network of partners is growing rapidly and includes:

  • Amazing Charts
  • ACOM Health
  • Compulink
  • Greenway Health
  • Practice Fusion
  • e-MDs
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • Eyefinity
  • Kareo
  • CareCloud
  • NueMD
  • MacPractice
  • Healthland
  • Epic*
  • Dentrix (Henry Schein)
  • MedInformatix
  • Mountain Medical
  • American Medical Software
  • InteHealth
  • Sammy Systems
  • MDsuite
  • First Insight
  • Polaris Medical
  • Valant Medical
  • Sabiamed
  • Inforia
  • Intelidox
  • Source Medical
  • Integrity Digital Solutions
  • Chiropad
  • Drs Enterprise
  • DentiMax
  • TotalMD
  • HelloHealth
  • TheraManager
  • Objective Medical Systems
  • PlanetDDS
  • DocTalk
  • gEHRiMed

     *Epic and MEDITECH clients select a HISP on an individual basis


Looking for a personal Direct secure email address? 

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Direct Secure Email for Practices