• Appointment Reminders reduce no-shows & save you time

    Eliminate the hours spent calling patients

    18.9% is the national average for no-shows. Updox Patient Reminders reduce that by a conservative 10%. With an average of $200 per office visit, over a full year, you can easily see the benefit of patient reminders.

    • Personalized texts, phone calls, and emails
    • Patient confirms or cancels directly from message
    • Send up to 3 pre-appointment reminders

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    Benefits of Patient Appointment Reminders with Updox

    Patient Reminders Explained

    • We’ve noticed a reduction in the number of no-shows since using Updox and that’s been great. It’s definitely been an added value for our practice and patients do appreciate the reminders, too.

      Susana GarciaEast Belt Family Medicine, Houston TX

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    Along with Updox Reminders, We Provide Multiple Patient Engagement Solutions, including:


    Access your documents anywhere with our robust electronic faxing system. We are the leading electronic fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month.


    With our texting feature in place, reduce no-show rates from an average of of 18.9% down to 8%. Eliminate the avg. 8.1 minutes of phone time to reschedule a no-show. Cut out up to 1,500 calls each month.

    Broadcast Messaging

    Drive seasonal appointments and screenings with proactive messaging targeting specific groups of patients or all of them at once with our Broadcast Messaging feature!

    Video Chat

    Enable stronger patient relationships with our telehealth services. Extend the reach of your practice, increase revenue and even lower costs. Works wherever you are with nothing to buy or app to download.

    Getting started is simple:

    Let Updox simplify the business of healthcare enabling a better healthcare experience for the patients and consumers you serve.

    Updox makes it easy:

    • Broad solution that works together better than any individual product
    • Understand and be ready to use in less than 30 minutes
    • Designed specifically for out-of-hospital providers and pharmacists
    • Dedicated On-Boarding and Customer Success expertise
    • Phone, email and live chat support