Charge Capture

The intelligent way to capture charges

Charge Capture uses automated data feeds to identify opportunities and display them on an easy-to-use dashboard to quickly take action. Maximizing your charge captures will optimize your practice revenue, decrease lag time, and increase provider satisfaction.

Benefits of Charge Capture

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    Increase billing speed

    Decrease lag time by accessing real-time information about your patients

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    Provide visibility

    View easy-to-use dashboards to manage feedback and take action

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    Boost provider and staff satisfaction

    Facilitate communication between providers and the RCM team

“I have used other charge and billing apps and in comparison, Charge Capture is easy to use, takes less time to learn the application. This app reduced cumbersome paper processes and ease of reporting data is a definite plus!”

Along with Charge Capture, Updox provides many more solutions.

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