Electronic Fax

An easier way to manage documents

Electronic Fax provides you with constant visibility to sending and receiving documents—removing the expenses of physical hardware and paper. Documents flow through our secure, HIPAA-compliant inbox increasing your staff and office productivity while optimizing your document workflow, in a safe and efficient way.

Benefits of Electronic Fax

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    Improve workflow

    Organize and assign ownership/priority to keep documents moving throughout the day

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    Edit quickly

    Markup, sign, or break apart documents electronically without disruptions

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    Ensure security

    Send and receive faxes through a HIPAA-compliant inbox with audit trail capabilities

"Staff found it very empowering for them to learn. We don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for papers to get scanned into the system; now it is almost immediate."
Eric Costanios, Manager
Prescott Cardiology

Along with Electronic Fax, Updox provides many more solutions.

Office Productivity

Updox Office Productivity is an easier way to manage documents and collaborate with Electronic Fax, Forms, Messenger and more.