On average - healthcare businesses still use more than 1,200 pieces of paper a month.
On average - healthcare businesses still use more than 1,200 pieces of paper a month.

Eliminate the paper trail and improve your day-to-day

On average, medical practices and pharmacies still use more than 1,200 pieces of paper a month per provider to transfer information, typically by old-fashioned fax or through hardware solutions. These time-intensive solutions are only accessible within the four walls of the business, provide little to no visibility into whether the fax was received, and are cost-prohibitive when you consider the expense of hardware, phone lines, paper, toner, shredding and overhead.

Electronic faxing will save you time and money by replacing the inefficient, manual fax machine. You'll be able to send, receive, annotate, and store your faxes securely online with Updox. 

  • For me, the biggest benefit of Updox is the time I’m saving. I’m not spending my day managing faxes or dictating replies. I can even review faxes or respond to messages through the mobile function on my phone. It lets me focus more on my patients.

    Thomas Miller, MDFamily Medicine

How can Updox help you?


Remotely send, receive and edit documents


Assign tasks and/or send messages to members of your team


Markup, sign or break apart documents electronically


HIPAA-compliant audit trail maintained for up to seven years


Auto-sort faxes from multiple lines to different teams or locations


Organize and assign ownership/priority to certain documents

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