Updox for Amazing Charts

Updox for Amazing Charts: The Power of One - One Universal Inbox

  • How many different programs and platforms are you using in your office?
  • Do you use one system to receive emails from patients and another for test results?
  • Is your fax machine spitting out hundreds of sheets of paper a day?
  • Does your phone ever stop ringing?
  • Are you paying overtime for staff to return patient calls after hours? 
  • Is your office staff racing from phone to fax to computer to forward results, take messages, call patients, scan documents and file items in the patient chart?

There has to be an easier way!

With the Updox Universal Inbox, all your communications – including messages, faxes, form submissions, images, referrals and results – arrive to one central location where it’s easy for one staff person to review, route and respond. You can edit, route, forward, sign, date and file - all from your fingertips. Everything is electronic. It’s HIPAA-compliant. There’s no paper to lose and nothing to scan.

 “I have been able to transform my office structure and provide my patients with improved care, quality and speed of service. My nurse can manage everything, including the EHR, schedule, telephone, portal, fax and scanner, all at her fingertips. With this platform, I’m able to meet the needs of my patients nearly instantaneously. With the portal, practice-wide broadcast messaging and using the EHR as a visual educational tool, I am able to practice at a level I never dreamed possible", James Legan, MD. READ MORE.