Updox Community

Some say it takes a village. Updox knows it takes a community….an Updox Community! 

Updox Community is a forum for Updox customers to build relationships, share information, trade best practices and collaborate. Get the benefit of 70,000 other Updox members who can share their expertise. Visit www.updoxcommunity.com and register using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter logins or create your own username and profile. You can start forum topics that pertain to how you best use your Updox solutions but Updox Community is also a great resource for many other issues and areas impacting your business. Let’s talk how you’re leveraging Direct messaging to benefit your practice or ways you’re increasing portal adoption and patient engagement. Where are you on your Meaningful Use journey? What are your suggestions for time management and resource allocation? Whatever’s impacting your day-to-day business, Updox Community is here to help!