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Increasing Patient Adherence with Innovative Technology

Medication non-adherence costs the already strained healthcare system between $100 and $289 billion a year. Even worse, a lack of adherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths annually and 10 percent of hosp...

Three Patient Engagement Resolutions for 2019

For many, the New Year is an opportunity to reflect on past successes and set new goals for improvement.

Preventing Physician Burnout With Enhanced Communication

More than 4 out 10 physicians report feeling burned out at their jobs, according to Medscape’s National Physician Burnout & Depression Report, with a surprising 15 percent sharing feelings of either c...

Improving the Referral Process from Start to Finish

Over the past few years, specialists have taken over many of the responsibilities that primary care physicians or general practitioners previously held.

Defining CRM – What It Is and Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs One

We’re glad you asked.

Three Steps to Drive Patient Engagement

The increasing trend towards consumerism in healthcare is leading patients to require a higher level of service from their providers. They expect those same “buyer conveniences” they get with other bu...

Team Updox Helps Providers Be the Quarterback of Effective Patient Care

Healthcare providers are tasked with juggling several complex tasks on a daily basis. In conjunction with staying on top of frequently changing regulations, managing new technologies and delivering qu...

Front Office and Nursing Staffs Agree – Updox Saves Time

Delivering Outstanding Efficiency and Cost Savings to Busy OBGYN Practice

Make Your Pharmacy Stand out in Today's Tech Savvy World

In today’s rapidly-changing economy, big chain pharmacies have a lot of brand visibility, yet they are only half of the nation’s pharmacies. Patients are choosing pharmacies based on service, convenie...

5 Steps Towards a Better Work Life for Physicians

As a physician, you’ve learned to take care of everyone around you but what are you doing to ensure a work life balance that keeps you passionate about your career for decades to come? This is a real ...