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Improving the Referral Process from Start to Finish

Over the past few years, specialists have taken over many of the responsibilities that primary care physicians or general practitioners previously held.

Defining CRM – What It Is and Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs One

We’re glad you asked.

Three Steps to Drive Patient Engagement

The increasing trend towards consumerism in healthcare is leading patients to require a higher level of service from their providers. They expect those same “buyer conveniences” they get with other bu...

Team Updox Helps Providers Be the Quarterback of Effective Patient Care

Healthcare providers are tasked with juggling several complex tasks on a daily basis. In conjunction with staying on top of frequently changing regulations, managing new technologies and delivering qu...

Front Office and Nursing Staffs Agree – Updox Saves Time

Delivering Outstanding Efficiency and Cost Savings to Busy OBGYN Practice

Make Your Pharmacy Stand out in Today's Tech Savvy World

In today’s rapidly-changing economy, big chain pharmacies have a lot of brand visibility, yet they are only half of the nation’s pharmacies. Patients are choosing pharmacies based on service, convenie...

5 Steps Towards a Better Work Life for Physicians

As a physician, you’ve learned to take care of everyone around you but what are you doing to ensure a work life balance that keeps you passionate about your career for decades to come? This is a real ...

5 Steps to Managing your Practice’s Online Presence

Information is only a click away, and like other business-minded professionals, physicians must actively cultivate their online reputation. An online presence allows seamless contact with patients, ne...

Maximizing Time and Efficiency with Updox for Practice Fusion

When Dr. Bronwyn Bacon of Elevate Health in Bozeman, Montana, was researching paperless faxing options for her practice, she came across a web article that stated Practice Fusion was working on integr...

Using Updox Faxing + Reminders to Improve Efficiency

East Belt Family Medicine is a busy Houston practice with two providers and two physician assistants. Susana Garcia is the practice’s office administrator.