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 April 20, 2018

Maximizing Time and Efficiency with Updox for Practice Fusion

When Dr. Bronwyn Bacon of Elevate Health in Bozeman, Montana, was researching paperless faxing options for her practice, she came across a web article that stated Practice Fusion was working on integration with Updox. That was the start of a great relationship.

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Elevate Health's office.

Five months prior to complete integration between their EHR and Updox, Dr. Brown signed up for Updox for Practice Fusion and began using the solution for faxing. Within a short time, the practice had drastically reduced their use of paper and enjoyed the efficiency that paperless, integrated faxing offers.  Once Dr. Bacon left that practice to start her own, her goal was to be as paperless as possible. “Updox allows me to be even more paperless than I had imagined,” she says.

When Dr. Bacon moved to her own practice, Updox played a key role in easing that transition. “I appreciated that Updox keeps the same document name when I drag and drop things. With thousands of documents to transfer, uploading them was a huge process. I was able to use Updox for this and it made it much easier.”

Today, as a single provider within her practice specializing in primary care and family practice, Dr. Bacon appreciates the value that Updox adds to maximizing practice workflow. “Because Updox integrates with our EHR, I didn’t need to learn a new system. It’s the same experience and now it’s even more productive.”

“Updox offers very user-friendly, web-based faxing. The single sign-on gives me immediate access to my inbox and I can manage all the faxes online. I can rename documents and tag them. Other systems don’t allow the kind of flexibility and features that Updox does,” says Dr. Bacon.


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 10.54.40 AMDr. Bronwyn Bacon of Elevate Health


Time is Money – Save More of Both

“Some software ends up wasting your time. Updox actually saves me time. It’s faster and easier to manage than other solutions used in my office.  I do all my document import and scanning with Updox. It’s easy for me to upload and then delegate. Also, I use Updox to store documents. I can find them faster when I’m ready to act on them or file them into a chart. I’ve found it’s easier to manage documents in Updox and then I upload to our EHR.”

Dr. Bacon values the quick response and partnership she’s experienced with Updox. “Updox offers great customer service. Any glitches I’ve experienced have been resolved quickly and the tool is very intuitive and user-friendly.  It’s been a great tool for my practice. The integration with our EHR and ease of use, on top of the cost reductions, has made Updox an invaluable part of my practice.”

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