Updox for MacPractice - Integrated Network Faxing

Save time, lower overhead costs and easily access faxes and documents in the office or from your iPad or iPhone

  • Inbound and outbound faxing - Updox offers both! No more waiting for busy signals to end to send a fax and incoming faxes can be immediately managed and acted upon.
  • Fully mobile - View messages on the go - iPhone, iPad, anywhere with Internet access
  • Single sign-on - Just one click gives you immediate access to your universal practice inbox to manage all your faxes online
  • Edit faxes online - Sign, mark up, date, redact, edit and annotate, no more paper
  • Auto-Sort - Tag and organize incoming faxes into queues to only display the items that need your attention. Create unlimited fax numbers and assign them to offices, individual employees and queues for workflow management.

Updox offers no hardware, no contracts, free training and a no-risk, 15-day free trial to make sure it’s a great fit for your practice!


Updox offers the only integrated network fax and document management solution built specifically for healthcare providers. When you go green - you save green. Consider how much you save by cutting your costs for paper, toner, scanning and phone lines and Updox practically pays for itself!