A Short-Term Solution Delivers Long-Term Benefits

Easy implementation and integration with Greenway make Updox a permanent feature for women’s health practice 

Coastal Women’s Healthcare, a 12-physician provider practice in Scarborough, Maine, is a thriving paperless medical practice. When they acquired another practice that was not paperless, they were concerned about the cost and resources of transferring that practice’s patient files and charts. They caught a demonstration of Updox and saw a solution that they could manage. What they didn’t plan for was how much it would enhance their practice.

“When we added a new practice, we needed a way to convert their charts quickly and efficiently,” said Bev Neugebauer, executive director, Coastal Women’s Healthcare. “We saw Updox as a way to have the office fax us the records so that we received them as electronic files. It helped with chart conversion without having to physically bring the charts over and we knew that faxing was easy and manageable for their office.”

As the faxes arrived and once other departments at Coastal saw how fast and efficient Updox was to use, they started asking to use it in their areas. “Updox has great workflow enhancement to Greenway task lists and document management,” said Neugebauer. “Staff members were eager and excited to start using it. It’s a very low-barrier product. It works similarly and integrates so well to the Greenway document import page that any initial concerns we had about training time and work flow decreases vanished immediately.”

“We’ve recognized significant cost savings with Updox. It acts as a virtual fax without having to purchase 10 fax lines and a fax server,” Neugebauer. “We use it in our lab to replace a fax machine. We issued six direct lines and this really streamlined their work with a direct fax, an individual fax that can be managed by a group. The easy set-up allows for quick implementation and problem-solving. ”

“We thought we’d just use Updox to help transfer files and be done with it. Then, we realized how much it enhances our practice and now we can’t get by without Updox.”

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