Achieve Medical Calls Updox Their Latest Team Member

“The Updox system is flawless. We’re so much more efficient. Our workflows are improved and providers and staff can communicate better”

Achieve Medical has 34 clinicians and three administrative staff members treating patients at 12 different locations in California, Alaska and Oregon. The busy practice is a multidisciplinary, private psychiatric and mental health group that provides comprehensive and compassionate mental health and wellness services to children, adolescents and young adults. AdobeStock_359365949

The practice first heard of Updox in their search for an appointment reminders partner. Updox is integrated with their Practice Fusion electronic health record.

“Before Updox, we were calling all our patients to remind them of their appointments. That’s not ideal,” says Erica Merlos, director of Administrative Services.

The group started with Appointment Reminders and then evolved to the complete Updox communications platform. Now, Achieve Medical uses Updox for Video Chat for telehealth, Secure Text, Broadcast, Messenger and Electronic Faxing.

“Having all solutions within one platform is great for us,” says Erica. “Overall, it’s very easy to use and is so convenient to not have to log in and out of different systems each day. Updox makes life so much easier.”

Response from both staff and patients has been very positive, says Erica. “Updox helped our staff be so much more efficient. We’re not scanning stacks of paper, leaving hundreds of voicemails or retyping forms. We’re spending more time with patients and more satisfying work. Clinicians can securely text patients and get them the information they need. Patients tell us they like not having to download an app or log into a system to get their messages. Everyone wins with Updox.”

It’s worked so well for their practice that Erica recommends it to other healthcare providers within her network.

“The Updox system is flawless. We’re so much more efficient. Our workflows are improved and providers and staff can communicate better. We’ve significantly reduced our no-shows and that puts money back into our business. Plus, it takes away our costs for paper, toner and phone lines, so we are efficient and also ‘green.’ Updox saves us at least seven hours a day – practically another staff person,” says Erica. “And, by using telehealth during the pandemic, Updox let us keep our business going. That’s invaluable.”

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