Practice Fusion Appointment Reminders Made Simple

“Thanks to Updox Appointment Reminders, we’re saving 30 hours every month by not individually calling patients.” 

AdobeStock_261834046MML is a busy, two-location physical therapy practice in Las Vegas, with two providers and more than 30 additional staff members. 

The practice’s search for an appointment reminder solution that was integrated with their Practice Fusion EHR led them to Updox. Updox gives them the option of sending up to three reminders for each appointment with choices for text, voicemail or email – depending on patient preference. Reminders can also be customized based on appointment type, location or language preference.  

“Prior to Updox, our staff used to spend up to 90 minutes a day calling patients the day before their appointment to remind them. And, depending on what else was going on with our workloads, that didn’t always happen,” says Kim Floth, billing manager for the practice.

Now, the practice saves 30 hours every month by not individually calling each patient.

“Our patients are happy to get their reminders in advance. They arrive informed, prepared and are able to reschedule ahead of time if necessary. Updox Reminders solution is really easy to use. Staff like it as it doesn’t disrupt their day. We just get on the system using our existing Practice Fusion ID. There’s no need to log into a different system.”

Not only has the practice seen a decrease in patient no-shows, but another benefit of the appointment reminder is the additional touchpoint it offers between patients and the practice. “For our specialty, patient compliance is an issue. The appointment reminder helps with that and makes them aware about an upcoming appointment. Plus, with Updox, we can send out up to three reminders per appointment so that’s great incentive,” says Kim.

“Calling patients the day before their appointment is a task it itself. Updox takes that away and automates it for us,” says Kim. “The solution really streamlines our day-to-day practice and communication has been much better since we started using Updox.”  

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