Battling Supply Chain Issues with a Paperless Practice

Converting to a paperless practice can also streamline patient communications while avoiding supply chain issues.

Throughout the holidays and into 2022, supply chain issues are widespread and the healthcare industry is not immune from this challenge. While PPE, vaccines, and medications might be the top concern when it comes to supply issues in healthcare, paper has taken a hit as well and for many healthcare practices, this presents a large problem.

The benefits of a paperless practice are more clear now than ever. As practices increasingly ditch paper to go digital, it provides them the ability to combat supply chain issues while also increasing patient satisfaction and improving the bottom line.

Piles of Paper

Paperwork has become increasingly costly in terms of both time and money, costing about $812 billion annually. Updox’s recent patient survey also showed that 53% of consumers would prefer to update or provide their patient information to their healthcare provider through online forms accessible via mobile phone, email, or a patient portal. 

When practices go paperless, it can ultimately result in a more profitable, efficient practice and more satisfied patients.

Improving Patient Communication & Productivity in a Paperless World

Digitizing documents beyond the EHR – including everything from a digital patient intake process and signed consent forms to claims and payments – is crucial to improving workflows, productivity, and efficiency, as well as patient communication. But converting to a paperless practice needn’t happen all at once – there are multiple options to get started. 

Utilizing solutions like electronic forms, electronic fax, and direct secure messaging can help practices cut down on manual paperwork and data entry, improve accuracy and communications between providers as well regulatory bodies, and increase patient engagement. In addition, charge capture solutions that automate billing data – and can often integrate with other paperless solutions like electronic fax and forms – can increase billing speed, optimize practice revenue, and ultimately improve provider satisfaction.

When a practice goes paperless, it liberates staff from stacks of paperwork, ultimately freeing up time, increasing productivity, growing profitability, and improving patient satisfaction. Now more than ever with supply chain shortages causing additional strain on the healthcare industry, adopting paperless solutions and processes is key to meeting practice priorities in 2022.

The start of a new year holds the promise of innovation and in 2022, we’re renewing our mission to simplify the Interested in streamlining your communications? Download our Paperless Practice Playbook for more tips on moving your practice into the digital space.

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