Busy Family Medicine Practice Saves $750 a Month With Updox + Practice Fusion Integration

Bridgeport Family Medicine, in Tigard, Ore., is a busy office with six providers and eight additional staff members who care for 4,000+ patients utilizing their Practice Fusion EHR. The practice receives more than 100 faxes a day and the drain on staff time and budget was considerable.

Practice Fusion IntegrationWhen they saw an opportunity to cut their costs with Updox Electronic Fax from the Updox Communications Suite integration, they jumped on it. Karina Prado, office manager and medical assistant for the practice, estimates that, between paper, toner, shredding and service contracts, they are saving at least $750 in hard costs each month with Updox. In addition to that, one staff member used to be assigned to manage faxes each day. It took them off the patient floor to distribute faxes, submit signature and review requests, file documents and scan and re-fax as required. Now, that staff member is free from the fax machine and back to focusing on patient care.

“Our Practice Fusion integration with Updox makes us so much more efficient. We aren’t as rushed. We can spend more time with patients talking to them and developing great relationships. That makes our patients happier and our staff more satisfied with their work,” she says.

“We looked at electronic faxing options a few years ago. They were expensive and would have caused us a lot of other work to implement and manage. I saw a demo of Updox and knew immediately it would streamline our processes. Because it was integrated with our Practice Fusion EHR, it flowed perfectly and we didn’t have another log-in or password to remember.”

Once the practice selected Updox, training, Practice Fusion integration, and system implementation went well. “The Updox platform is easy to understand. Our office was trained in one day. It looks just like your email inbox so it’s not overwhelming,” says Karina. “It’s intuitive so staff just understood it immediately. They were excited when they saw it and realized how it would change the way they worked. I kept hearing ‘This is amazing!’ from staff.”

“The online editing tools are awesome,” says Karina. “The ability to just click and add a text box or check mark is great. I uploaded all our providers’ signatures and it makes us so much more efficient. A process that used to take 10 steps or more can now be done in just three steps. We’re able to move through our faxes quickly and get back to focusing on our patients.”

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