Community Pharmacy Finds Improved Efficiency with Updox

Early Adoption of Updox Pharmacy Connect Brings Improved Efficiency and Lower Costs 

Kelly Selby, RPh, is an early adopter. He loves seeking innovative tools and technologies to help save time and money. Thankfully, he’s also an early adopter of Updox Pharmacy Connect.

“I’m always looking for ways to operate more efficiently, save money and improve accuracy,” says Kelly. “Updox definitely fits that criteria for our pharmacy.”

Kelly is owner and pharmacy manager of Community Pharmacy in Denton, Texas, an independent pharmacy with four full-time and three part-time pharmacists and a staff of 30 employees.

Slower processes, stacks of paper and cumbersome hardware fax machines were something pharmacy staff struggled with but thought they’d have to put up with until Kelly saw a demo of Updox Pharmacy Connect at a tradeshow. Updox Pharmacy Connect is a web-based care coordination suite that helps pharmacists exchange secure messages, receive transitions of care, and engage patients to provide better care, take advantage of new revenue opportunities and lower costs. 

“Before Updox, we struggled with our fax machine. It would be out of paper. It would jam. Sometimes it just wouldn’t work,” says Kelly. “With Updox and the documentation management that Pharmacy Connect offers, those issues are gone. We never need toner. We can archive documents. Information is secure and that’s peace of mind.”

Safe and Secure

Security is essential in healthcare, especially for pharmacies. Kelly and staff recognized that paper faxes didn’t securely protect data and protected health information (PHI) so they especially appreciate the additional levels of security that web-based document management through Updox offers.

“Updox took away our worries and it validates the data security we can offer. It’s great to have a user trail and see that the fax went through, when it was received and how many pages were transferred.”

Pharmacy Connect also helps Kelly and his staff smooth out their prior authorization (PA) process. “Before we used a paper-heavy process that required duplication of efforts and managing paper. Updox Pharmacy Connect streamlines the process, making it entirely electronic and easy to manage.”

Easily Implemented

Kelly reports that his staff was eager to get started with Updox. “Once they realized they could manage their own faxes and get more control, they quickly got on board,” he says. “It became part of our pharmacy workflow. It was easy to set up, easy to learn and offers immediate benefits. Updox gives us a better process – leaving us more time for other things. That equals a happier, more efficient staff.”

If you aren’t an early adopter like Kelly and need additional reasons to try Updox Pharmacy Connect for yourself, Kelly has this to say: “I’d tell any other pharmacy considering Updox to try it for 90 days. It’s well worth it. Get everyone on board and using the solution and you’ll see immediate benefits. Honestly? Updox is a no-brainer. It doesn’t cost more money than what you are already doing but it offers much better capabilities.”

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