Long-Term Care Network Uses Updox for Streamlined Communications and $8,000 Annual Savings

Because Updox is HIPAA-compliant, we have peace of mind. All our communication is archived. Nothing can get lost or misplaced. Our information is secure

When a long-term care organization needed electronic document support, they turned to Updox and didn’t look back, calling Updox one of their biggest wins in a long time.

Senior care

Deaconess Abundant Life Communities, based in Concord, Mass., is a growing network of residential communities that offer a variety of accommodations, services, features and amenities designed to fit the changing needs of older adults. Services include independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support and in-home care. The network includes four locations and serves 500 individuals.

When looking for a HIPAA-compliant electronic document management solution, their research took them to Updox. Norm Campbell, director of Information Technology, says that “Updox is easily one of the biggest wins I’ve had in a long time.”

When asked about implementation of Updox, Norm Campbell, director of Information Technology, replied “I barely remember anything about it. The process took less than an hour and was quick, no nonsense. We were trained via a video conference and it was so easy.”

Part of the crush of COVID is also alleviated for Deaconess by Updox. “We have an aggressive stance on testing employees, staff and contractors to protect our patients. We test 100 people a day and hired nurses just to manage this process for us. Our swabs go to a hospital lab that can only send test results by fax. That’s 100 or more faxed pages a day – just for test results. We needed a way to eliminate all that paper. With Updox, those results arrive electronically and that makes it much easier for a nurse to quickly scan and review so we can focus on caring for patients,” says Norm. “Also, the hospital processes tests day and night and results come in at all hours. Updox has notifications we use to get instant alerts and then review the documents from anywhere – laptop, tablet or smartphone. It allows us to respond that much better, be more efficient and better serve our patients.”

That kind of efficiency works for all documents, not just test results. According to Norm, “Being able to access faxes anywhere is great. No matter what location we’re in, or even if away from the office, we can still check documents and keep information flowing. That timeliness is brilliant.”

“Because Updox is HIPAA-compliant, we have peace of mind. All our communication is archived. Nothing can get lost or misplaced. Our information is secure,” he says.

Deaconess says it’s saving at least $600 a month on fax supplies. “I’m sure it’s even more than that when you consider time saved and staff efficiency,” says Norm.

“As a large, multi-location healthcare organization, we’re used to big IT uplifts but Updox wasn’t like that at all. The team was great to work with – very friendly, helpful with any requests and always available for questions,” said Norm. “Updox was incredibly easy to implement and required so little effort or additional time. I highly recommend it.”

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