Efficient communications and peace of mind

Switching from a paper-based fax to Updox web-based fax is an obvious upgrade for practices caught in the paper and scanning grind. Practices considering the switch from an alternative web-based or server-based solution that has already brought the practice into the digital workflow world really need to consider the features they’re missing today that align with their workflow.

 When Achilles Kalnoky, MD, a family medicine physician with Gulf Gate Family Medicine, was evaluating Updox, it was the ability to easily collaborate with other members of his practice that made him select Updox.

“I was impressed with the ability to message back and forth with my medical assistant and other front desk staff about a specific document. Even things as simple as ‘upload this’ or ‘call patient’ made all the difference in keeping us efficient,” said Dr. Kalnoky.

 A current Kareo user, Dr. Kalnoky also appreciated the ability to have individual inboxes, as well as a practice inbox, to keep things organized. “In addition to a better workflow overall, the audit trail gives staff peace of mind that they aren’t losing documents in the shuffle,” he says.

 Efficient communications and peace of mind – that’s the Updox difference for Gulf Gate.

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