Fighting Burnout with a Better Way to Provider Care: Updox for Greenway Health

greenway_health_logoLuckily, physicians are extremely resilient, but it never gets easier. A recent article in Medical Economics suggests that simple changes in the day to day tasks can help ease some of this stress and create a more positive experience for both the physician and patient. Workflow changes specifically. If your practice isn’t running as efficiently as it can be along with your Greenway Health EHR, it could be hurting you and staff more than you know.

Updox alleviates the burdens of manual tasks, redundant work, staff repetition and frees up time for everyone to take back the reigns of the day.

Tools from Updox can help you get the most of your use of Greenway Health and give you a better chance for success and include:

  • Digital fax
  • Secure text
  • Video chat
  • Online scheduling
  • Direct email and messaging
  • Dynamic document management
  • Robust audit trails

All completely web-based and mobile-friendly!

Watch the recording below: 

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