Getting More from EHR with Updox for Amazing Charts

“I can’t understand why someone would use Amazing Charts without also using Updox,” says Marty Holt, PA-C, physician assistant with North Orange County Regional Health Foundation.

Since 2011, Marty and his practice have been using the winning combination of Updox and Amazing Charts for faxing, importing documents to the patient chart and also importing pictures into Amazing Charts.

“Updox has such seamless integration with Amazing Charts and it’s such an easy-to-use system that I just can’t imagine using our EHR without it,” he says. “The amount of time we save with Updox has been great.”

Of course, practice staff was initially apprehensive about using a new solution. “The transition to paperless faxing was scary and there was some initial pushback but, once they saw how easy it was and how much time it saved, they were quickly on board. The ability to fax and file at the same time is amazing.”  

Another staff member in the practice works with a community program that provides jobs to an elderly population who didn’t grow up with technology. “Many of those staff members don’t consider themselves to be computer savvy but they are up and running on Updox within 10 minutes.”

One unique way that Marty uses Updox is when he wants to document a diabetic foot ulcer or rash. “I take a photo on my smartphone and make sure it doesn’t include any protected health information. I send the photo to my Updox account and import the photo to the chart from there. It’s a useful way to record and track the progress of my patients.”

The opportunity to improve efficiency by going paperless for faxing was a big draw for the practice. “Our practice is as paperless as we hoped to be and our savings on paper and toner have been great. Integrated faxing makes it so easy to route documents. Since we aren’t printing out paper anymore, we’re not spending any time hunting down faxes or having to resend documents.”

Marty isn’t just an early adopter of Updox – he’s also a strong advocate of the benefits it offers. “Not only are we saving time with Updox but we’re saving money as well. It just makes sense for our practice. I tell everyone I meet at conferences or events that they have to take a look at what Updox can do for their practice,” says Marty.

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