BlueSky Sees Happier Staff and More Satisfied Patients

“I would estimate we’re saving around $10,000 a year but Updox is truly invaluable for our practice.”

Quick, efficient, patient-focused service is the hallmark of BlueSky Health. The practice is unique as it is a nurse practitioner-run, family medicine office with two nurse practitioners, two staff members and a collaborating physician who works off-site who together serve 2,000 patients.

By nature of that set-up, patients expect to be seen that day and the practice promises them their care “should happen in a happy, thorough way and in a place that is easy to access.” That, according to Renea Clark, office manager, makes Updox an ideal partner for them.

Renea Clark BlueSky Health

Because of integration with their Practice Fusion EHR, staff uses Updox to easily manage documents and practice communications. “We receive faxes and can get them reviewed, signed, faxed back and charted within minutes. No waiting, no busy signals, no paper jams, no more scanning,” says Renea

“There were times, before Updox, I would have to run out to the office supply store for paper or toner. Now, we’re paperless and it saves so much time,” added Renea.

“Our staff loves Updox. We all complain about programs in general but no one complains about Updox. It makes our work so much easier. It really does create a happier, more productive environment at work and that transfers to our patients. They may not know why but they can definitely pick up on us being a fine-tuned, streamlined organization.”

Updox helps them offer the highly personalized care that patients expect from BlueSky. “I used to come into the office on the weekend to check our fax machine and see about any updates for patients. Now, I can review those messages from home on my computer or phone. If I see a result come in after hours or get notice that a patient is at the hospital, we can reach out the patient that day. That really helps us maintain those relationships.”

In one instance, a fax request came into the office at 5 p.m. on Friday from a hospital with a question regarding a surgery scheduled for Monday. With Updox,

Renea was able to immediately answer the request after practice hours and ensure the patient’s scheduled surgery went through. “It’s that type of service that the patient may not know about, but they’d definitely be aware if it wasn’t done and we’d be frustrated and scrambling,” says Renea. “This is the value Updox offers us.”

“Updox manages all our communications with faxes, results, lab reports, schedules and more. We’re using it every five to 10 minutes and it’s saving us at least two to three hours a day,” says Renea.

“I would estimate we’re saving around $10,000 a year but Updox is truly invaluable for our practice.”

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