Healthcare Technology that Finally Gets it Right

Brian Nyberg, MD, runs a specialty psychiatric practice in Cedar City, Utah. He and his staff of three use DrChrono as their EHR and rely on Updox for document management, Secure Text and Video Chat.

He was on the hunt for help managing tasks and sought an office-centric workflow for his practice. After researching available options that worked well with DrChrono, he discovered what he calls the “holy grail of healthcare technology” – Updox.

Dr. Nyberg compares using Updox to the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. “It’s all about taking immediate action to be your most effective. That’s the power of Updox as it allows you to give work a quick, specific action to make the most of your time.”

Document management helps increase the efficiency of the practice and saves time through the drag/drop feature that makes transferring files or documents to the patient record easy. Dr. Nyberg and staff also appreciate the ability to use color tags or queues to route tasks to certain people.

Secure text service was something that Dr. Nyberg really wanted to implement into his practice. He tried several other vendors before Updox but those left him frustrated by not being able to add texts to the medical record or moving between a tablet, computer for the medical record and text to respond. “It was too many steps and took too much time,” says Dr. Nyberg. “Then, I saw Updox. Thank you – I knew someone would finally get it right!”

Another benefit he finds with Updox Secure Text is the ability to access and reply to texts centrally in the office, not just by one person from one phone. To further streamline efficiency, Dr. Nyberg uses templates within the Updox text solution. For example, a new patient can text the practice and then, via a template response, a reply texts next steps such as completing a digital form that comes back into the Updox inbox.

To further increase his patient engagement and partner communications, Dr. Nyberg implemented Updox Video Chat. “I’m really pleased with how well it works for us. It ties together the last elements of how I envisioned the practice I want to run,” he says. “I’m excited about the way it allows me to connect with patients and colleagues.”

Because it is HIPAA-compliant, Dr. Nyberg also uses Video Chat to consult with other providers and medical students on cases and uses the chat feature to create a record of the discussion. He previously used Skype for video but it was not HIPAA-compliant, didn’t create a record and required setting up a separate account. “There’s no required hardware to set up or app to download. Now, their account is their phone and it’s ready to go. Updox makes it very user-friendly.”

“Honestly, the labor costs and frustration that Updox saves me more than pays for itself each month,” says Dr. Nyberg. “Finally, I have the technology in place where I don’t have to compromise the way I want to care for my patients. I can use Updox to get exactly what I was trying to do.”

Learn more about how Updox Engagement solutions, like Secure Text and Video Chat, let you connect with patients in the digital age…on their phones. And, how to do it in a way that actually saves your business time and money for efficiency all around. 

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