How HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Can Support Your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread with thousands of new cases being confirmed daily. Healthcare providers are working tirelessly to provide high quality, personalized care in an environment where many people are now quarantined. 

Technology is playing an increasingly large role in the effort to maximize care while minimizing risks to both patients and healthcare providers. Telehealth visits have swelled from the thousands into the hundreds of thousands in a matter of days as a way to help slow the spread and #flattenthecurve. The government has also temporarily relaxed its regulations around telehealth to help provide more people with access to care without having to leave their homes. 

With patient needs increasing daily, many healthcare providers are trying to determine how technology can support them during this time. Here’s how a HIPAA-compliant solution can help. 

HIPAA telehealth

Convenient, Accessible and Backed by Experience

HIPAA-compliant solutions ensure providers can seamlessly incorporate telehealth into their practice. They allow for accessible and comprehensive patient care. Providers can conduct screenings and provide treatment while reducing exposure to protect staff and patients. The solutions also provide formal records and systematic tracking of video calls with intuitive tools like notes, screenshots and EHR integration. 

HIPAA-compliant solutions are also web-based whereas most non-compliant or “everyday communications” tools are app-based. Using a web-based solution means that users can access them from any type of mobile device, tablet or computer without having to download any new software. Platform-specific apps like FaceTime cannot reach every patient.

HIPAA-compliant solutions also protect data for both parties. Physicians and staff can avoid using their personal devices to communicate and being burdened with enabling encryption and privacy to secure sensitive data.

HIPAA-compliant solutions are also often provided by companies with years of experience. They are backed by a full team of people who can support you if you have a question or a need. They enable you to focus on your staff and prioritize the health and safety of your patients.

Value for the Long-Term

The benefits of a HIPAA-compliant, connected system go beyond initial care. They help providers maintain a patient care plan for days, months and even years to come. Once test results are returned or diagnosis is confirmed, the practice can send them immediately via secure text. Patients can easily ask follow-up questions via a secure text reply and staff members can route responses to the doctor for a response. Doctors can seamlessly provide follow-up care via the same channel on video chat. 

During a time when health systems are overwhelmed, implementing a comprehensive and secure telehealth platform can ensure all exchanges are organized and efficient. Both now and for the long term.

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