Hodges Family Practice Gains Three Hours a Day with Updox

“Our front office staff saves at least 3 hours a day. The efficiency is huge and makes us all more productive.”

Hodges Family Practice is thriving business with five providers serving more than 7,000 patients and uses Allscripts as their EHR. The practice used GFI Faxmaker but wanted something that offered more flexibility and could be used outside of the EHR. When Updox achieved integration with Allscripts, Marie Polanco, practice manager, requested information about the Updox electronic fax solution and liked what it offered.

“Immediately – I saw that we could fax electronically without any scanning and we could save money on copying and paper. Prior to Updox, we were going through five cases of paper a month (that’s 25,000 sheets of paper). Now we’re down to less than a case each month. But, more than just paper and toner costs, we’ve cut shredding charges and also our copier service contract was based on the number of copies we made and that’s dropped significantly as well.”

“With Updox, we can export and fax out of our PM. Plus, Updox works outside of the office as well as it can be access through mobile devices for providers who are traveling between facilities. One of the best features of Updox is the tagging feature. It makes it so easy to find items.”

Hodges is also part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) – healthcare providers who come together to give coordinated high-quality care to Medicare patients. “As part of our ACO, we need to meet certain metrics. With Updox, when you send a document to the chart, you can name it. We use certain categories so, when we need to report, we can easily review chart attachments and search for certain types of services, such as MRIs or preventative services.”

Marie appreciates the convenience that Updox offers. “Printing, scanning, copying for files – all tied up our fax machine and now we’ve gotten rid of that. We aren’t getting incomplete faxes or losing documents.”

Change is hard so Marie says staff was hesitant to learn a new process at first but they quickly embraced it when they found out how efficient Updox is. “They won’t go back now. Updox is the most preferred way,” she reports. “Our front office staff saves at least 3 hours a day total by not having to feed a fax machine and scan as much. The efficiency is huge and makes us all more productive.”

Marie was also impressed with Updox customer support. “They have been very responsive to our requests. We’ve been able to make some customizations to the solution so it best fits our needs. For an efficient practice – Updox is essential. Traditional fax isn’t reliable. Papers get lost, machines jam, faxes don’t come through. We can depend on Updox!”

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