Making Prompt, Personalized Care Easier to Manage

“Because of the accessibility that Updox gives me, I’m able to deliver a higher level of service to my patients.”

That kind of experience is a priority for any business owner but it’s essential for a concierge provider like Radley Griffin, MD. Dr Radley Griffin Headshot

Updox helps Griffin Concierge Medical provide the prompt, personalized care their patients expect. The practice uses the Updox Engagement and Communications suites, including fax, portal, secure text, Broadcast, appointment reminders and inter-office Messenger.

Griffin Concierge Medical, a primary care practice based in Tampa, Fla., includes three physicians, one mid-level and 11 staff members who serve 1,000 patients. The practice used Updox since 2009 and continues to layer solutions upon the platform to allow them to maximize their time with patients and lower overhead costs.

Because Updox works from any mobile device, Dr. Griffin appreciates being able to use the benefits of the platform wherever he is. “I love seeing documents as they come in, even on the weekends from my phone. I promise accessibility and availability to my patients and being able to access Updox to see results, send messages, text a reply, review information and collaborate with fellow providers, no matter where I am, is essential to how I want to run my practice,” says Dr. Griffin.

“We also appreciate the ability to automate tasks with Updox. We can send messages to specific patients, certain groups or the entire patient base in just a few clicks. We can edit documents and file them immediately – that’s to the strong integration between Updox and Amazing Charts. That saves us so much time. Appointment reminders is also phenomenal. It’s an additional consistent patient touch point for us.”

His staff and patients reap the benefits of Updox also. “Updox empowers my staff. They use it to benefit their work. It helps our office run smoothly and that gives patients confidence in entrusting us with their care. They know we are an efficient practice. They may not see that from the chart but they can see that in how our practice operates.”

“Updox saves us time and the return on our investment is definitely there,” says Dr. Griffin. “Now, after 10 years, Updox saves us at least 40 hours a week. It’s become another staff member on our team. I wouldn’t run my practice without Updox.”

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