Automated Appointment Reminders Boost Staff Satisfaction Too

Medical Colleagues of Texas is a large multi-specialty practice outside of Houston, Texas. The practice includes 11 physicians whose practice areas include internal medicine, family practice, sports medicine, OB/GYN, gastroenterology and pulmonary disease.

The practice operates from several different suites in the same building. For that reason, amongst others, Updox Appointment Reminders has worked out well for the practice and patients. “Patients appreciate having all the information about their appointment, including the suite number, right there in a text on their phone. No scrolling through emails or writing it down from voice mail,” says Ethan Bing, practice administrator. “In fact, I’d say more than 90 percent of our patients request text appointment reminders. People don’t like answering the phone. Text gives them all they want to know, right in their hands.”

Not only do patients appreciate the reminders but staff do too. “It’s an arduous task to leave voice mail after voice mail. It’s costly for the business and frustrating for staff,” says Ethan. “With Updox, we’ve been able to repurpose staff to answer live calls and talk to patients in the office. It’s more satisfying for them to focus on patients and not the phone.”

As an added bonus, the practice is proud to be able to offer better standards for the patient experience and improved patient satisfaction with the use of Updox Appointment Reminder System. They’ve also seen a reduction in their patient no-show rate.

“Appointment Reminders have been very positive for both our patients and staff,” says Ethan. “We appreciate our Updox solutions and the time they save us to be able to focus more on patient care.”

In addition to Patient Appointment Reminders, the practice also uses Updox Broadcast to securely connect with groups of patients.

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