When Efficiency Matters, Choose Updox

Busy podiatry practice uses Updox Platform alongside their DrChrono EHR for maximum efficiency and savings

Modern Podiatry is an independent practice with one provider, three staff members, two offices – while also visiting nursing homes and doing house calls – and seeing 40 patients a day. The main office is in Ocean County, New Jersey. Podiatry

Along with their DrChrono EHR, the practice relies on Updox HIPAA-Compliant eFax, Appointment Reminders, Secure Text and Video Chat to streamline processes within, and outside of, their practices. “Updox is so easy to use and the integration with DrChrono is seamless. It saves us so much time, money and effort,” says Kristi B., business manager for the practice.

“Efficiency is our thing. That made Updox a natural fit for us,” says Kristi. “The fact that we can access Updox from anywhere – in office, between offices or in a patient’s home – means we aren’t waiting for information. Things don’t go missing or have to wait if someone is away. We’re able to continue and offer the service our patients expect.

The ability to access information remotely was incredibly important during summer 2020 as some staff worked from home due to the pandemic.

“The fact that Updox lets us access communications and keep operations from anywhere was great for us. I can pull up faxes on my phone. I can respond to a text from a patient. We can send out all our reminders from any computer. That made a huge difference for us,” she says.

That kind of efficiency also helps the practice create a great patient experience. “Patients love that they can send us a quick, convenient text. It gives them a direct connection and that is important for relationship building,” says Kristi. “People don’t answer their cell phones anymore. Text is a great way to communicate with patients and they appreciate that we offer it as a service.”

Another option the practice offers is Updox Video Chat. While the practice used telehealth for a few weeks during the height of the pandemic, they now have it as an option for patients who need a quick consult or aren’t able to the practice. “It’s a matter of convenience and patient preference but patients definitely appreciate that it is available,” says Kristi.

But – it is efficiency that matters most to Modern Podiatry.

“Getting away from paper saves money but it also saves time. We used to have to print information out, sign it, scan it, send it and shred it. Now – we just open in Updox, sign electronically, click send to fax it back out and file it to the EHR. We also use the Tasks feature in Updox so we can just forward things that need the doctor’s review or signature and he can act on those immediately. It’s so much quicker, especially when he is between locations,” says Kristi. “Sending reminders by text also saves us so much time on the phone calling patients and leaving voicemails. It’s just a smarter way to run a business.”

“Updox is easy to use and simple to implement. It’s almost as efficient as us,” jokes Kristi.

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