One Business Solution for a Post-EHR World

Over the last decade, healthcare providers have embraced electronic health record (EHR) systems and made data freely available to all members of the care team with the goal of lowering costs and improving patient care. Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 2.45.51 PM

Federal incentives, including Meaningful Use standards, helped drive EHR adoption even further. And today, nearly 9 out of 10 office-based physicians have implemented an EHR system into their practice. 

However, despite EHR platforms’ widespread use in clinical care, these systems were never built to be one-size-fits-all. Doctors are finding they need additional applications and support to manage the oft-complicated “business” side of healthcare, and frequently, the wrong technology can lead to greater problems. 


Hundreds of technology solutions now exist for everything from patient forms and reminders to payments and secure texting. These tools have been sold to physicians and their staff with the promise that they will easily bolt on to existing EHRs and make everyone’s lives easier. 

Yet, according to Updox’s recent Healthcare Technology Report, many of these solutions are hamstrung by their lack of integration, and providers are frustrated by the number of logins they now have to manage. Despite the resource cost and time investment required to learn new technologies, 43% of out-of-hospital healthcare providers said they would reduce their number of technology vendors if they could find an alternative that offered multiple solutions. 

Just as the electronic healthcare record market transformed clinical care, so too can a single collaboration and communications platform that integrates and builds on top of providers’ EHR systems. Imagine an office where doctors, nurses and staff can quickly convey status updates across offices, electronically share patient records, video consult with other providers or securely text message with patients – all from one system, with one platform login. 

Instead of relying on multiple task-oriented point solutions, providers should look to technology platforms that limit added logins and time-consuming workarounds. This will result in more efficient workflows, make providers and staff happier, and lead to patients who are more deeply engaged in their care. Where can you find this Holy Grail of solutions?

Updox is the only healthcare technology vendor offering an all-in-one healthcare collaboration platform that helps providers improve care coordination, patient engagement and staff productivity. In fact, Updox’s CRM platform integrates with more than 100 electronic health records, and implementation is simple and easy. Our EHR partners include Allscripts, Practice Fusion, DrChrono and Greenway Health.

Ready to have a better way of doing business while spending more time with patients? Learn more about Updox’s easy-to-use healthcare CRM platform by contacting a member of our team today.


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