Using Patient Engagement to Streamline Office Efficiency

Charles E. Meusburger, MD, LLC, is a solo practice with one psychiatrist supported by three staff members. The office uses Practice Fusion as their EHR and sought additional technology to streamline the administrative processes to be more cost- and resource-efficient. They chose Updox for Practice Fusion, which includes document management and the Engagement suite with solutions for Secure Text, Video Chat, Broadcast and Appointment Reminders.

“As soon as I saw a demo of Updox, I knew it would be great for our practice,” says Lisa Scott, office manager for Charles E. Meusburger, MD. “With our Streamline Medical Office Processes and Efficienciesspecialty, patients may not return to the office for several months. Instead of calling them to remind them of upcoming appointments or the need to schedule a visit so we can review their prescriptions, we can use Updox to text them. We also close patients from our records if they haven’t been seen in two years. Updox Broadcast is a great way to reach out and see if they need to schedule an appointment or let them know we are closing their case.”

The practice is self-pay and requires patients to keep a credit card on file. Updox communication tools let them securely and efficiently reach out to patients to update their cards to ensure billing goes smoothly and cash flow is maintained.

Document management from Updox also makes the practice more efficient. They regularly receive lab reports that need to be reviewed and then sent to a pharmacy. Now, they can accomplish all that electronically and much faster. They also appreciate the security and confidentiality that Updox offers since nothing is printed, no papers might be misplaced, and the process is HIPAA compliant.

“I saw the savings we get with Updox immediately. As soon as you can review a document, make an edit, highlight an area, have it signed and file it to the chart – all without ever printing, scanning or touching a paper – you know you’re saving money,” says Lisa. “We can work on requests immediately. Updox saves so much time, rework and money. It really is just amazing.” 

“The ability to streamline our processes and engage patients quickly and effectively, using the tools they prefer, is essential to anyone running a business, but it’s especially vital in healthcare where less time on administrative processes means more time spent with patients,” says Lisa.

Learn more about how Updox Engagement solutions, like Secure Text and Video Chat, let you connect with patients in the digital age…on their phones. And, how to do it in a way that actually saves your business time and money for efficiency all around. 

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