Patient Payments Made Easy in NY

Updox Patient Payments Saves Practices Time and Money While Maximizing Cash Flow

“It’s great when you can implement a new service in your office that benefits staff and your patients, in a way that also lowers expenses and improves efficiency.”

Integrative Medical NY was looking for options to help them improve cash flow and support their online practice marketplace. Already familiar with Updox, the practice opted to put the new Updox Patient Payments solution to work for them. They needed a secure solution that was easy to use for both staff and patients. They found that through Updox Patient Payments.

“The solution has worked really well for our practice. Patients have been very receptive to using the service,” says Maurice Beer, MD, Integrative Medical NY.

Patient Payments offers customers new ways of collecting co-pays and balances from patients who can enter their credit card information at home, in the lobby or in-office swiping. Patients can receive bills online through their portal accounts, submit payments electronically and store their credit card on file for future charges. The solution optimizes cash flow for practices, reducing collection issues and lowering expenses

The practice sent their patients a letter ahead of time informing them their credit card would be kept on file and payments could be made at time of service. With Patient Payments, credit card numbers can be entered and held securely on file.

Integrative Medicine offers patients the opportunity to order or refill supplements through the practice’s online marketplace. “Patients appreciate the speed and convenience that online payment offers,” says Dr. Beer. The service also offers the practice an easy way to collect payments for phone consultations, a service that patients appreciate from the practice.

Office staff personnel are also happy with the time savings and efficiency that Updox Patient Payments offers the practice. Cards can be swiped in the office and the numbers securely stored on file for future charges. That convenience will grow as patients return for additional appointments and their payment information is also received and stored. Receipts can be emailed to patients.

“Updox Patient Payments has worked out very well for our practice. It’s a great service that allows us to improve our cash flow while also adding value and convenience for patients,” says Dr. Beer. “It also provides us with opportunities to expand our future patient services and that’s exciting.”

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