Using Electronic Forms for More Personalized Service

Delivering care with a personal touch is the hallmark of service for Powell Pharmacy. Owner Emlah Tubuo, PharmD, has that set as her business model and promise to the community. That’s why she uses Updox for her business.

drive thru vaccine

When COVID-19 carried into Fall and the country was worried about managing cold and flu season during a pandemic, Dr. Tubuo took advantage of Updox Electronic Forms to help her streamline flu vaccines, not only for her pharmacy but also for clinics at local businesses and even drive-thru vaccines at her location.

“We link our electronic forms on our website and social media channels. Patients can complete the form and, once they send it, it drops in a queue for us,” she says. “We submit for insurance or billing and then reach out to the patient and schedule the appointment. All the background work is taken care of. They arrive for their scheduled appointment and get their vaccine. It makes it so much more efficient for both of us.”

In fact, Dr. Tubuo says the ROI has been great. “Each immunization used to take us 10-15 minutes from start to finish. Updox cuts that time in half because of clear communication and information. It makes our immunization program safer and faster for patients and more efficient for staff.”  

Because of the time she and her staff are saving by not transcribing forms or waiting on the phone for insurance information while the patient is standing there, they are able to spend more time helping customers in the pharmacy, providing information or answering questions.

“Updox Electronic Forms fit so well into our business model. They let us have more in-person time when customers are in the store. We’re more efficient and that frees us up for what we do best – caring for patients.”

The Updox Electronic Forms solutions is ideal for capturing patient information in a quick and easy way. Forms flow through a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and create a paperless experience for patients and staff. Patient information is collected electronically with reduced paperwork and increased safety and can be accessed at any time from any location through the Updox inbox.

Dr. Tubuo says the electronic forms also help protect staff. “By eliminating having customers standing around and waiting has been great. It really limits our exposure and patients appreciate the convenience it offers as they won’t have to stand and wait either. To run a pharmacy over the past year and not get sick yourself is a miracle. We’ve had no COVID incidents at all and appreciate any opportunity to limit exposure while maintaining care.”

Powell Pharmacy also uses electronic forms for COVID-19 antibody testing and will use for COVID-19 vaccines later this Spring. She’s also using the electronic forms for refill request and prescription transfers. “It’s an easy way to grow our business and supports our mission,” she says. “We’re here to care for patients, talk to them about their concerns and offer solutions. That’s where we want to spend our time.”

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