PracticeSuite Partners with Updox to Maximize Clinical Communications and Operational Efficiencies for 57,000 Customers

Updox solutions support improved patient engagement, staff productivity and simplified communication between staff and providers

PracticeSuite, a Silicon Valley, California-based SaaS physician Practice Management Software platform and Revenue Cycle services company serving over 57,000 medical professionals, announced today an integration partnership with Updox, the only place to manage healthcare communications across both in-person and virtual care. Updox will offer PracticeSuite customers their electronic document management, inter-office Messenger and integrated Secure and SMS Text Messaging, as well as Updox Video Chat. 


With Updox, PracticeSuite customers can achieve a paperless office environment using electronic faxing and inter-office chat for more efficient communications across the organization. Customers can also manage all patient communications, including faxes, images, test results, text messages and more, via a single Updox inbox, where they can be easily reviewed, routed, acted upon and then filed to the patient chart. 


“During our evaluations for the best partner for our physician base, we found that Updox could provide us with best-of-breed products all in one place instead of our customers needing to implement multiple solutions and services for communications. Updox does all this while also providing the necessary HIPAA compliance we require. This partnership allows our doctors to become truly paperless and the integration for clinical and operation usage will allow our 57,000 users to maximize productivity and communication throughout their organizations,” says Chief Revenue Officer Trey Wilson, PracticeSuite. 


Updox solutions work together to allow providers to create a better patient experience in ways that save time and money. For example, initial post-appointment instructions can be sent to patients via SMS text. If the patient has further concerns or questions about a potential complication, they can ask questions or send a photo through Secure Text, if necessary, and a follow-up consultation can be completed via Video Chat. Questions between staff can be asked via Messenger, an inter-office chat solution, to save time and improve collaboration. All of this can be done within the Updox platform without logging into multiple systems, which results in streamlined processes and faster response times for higher satisfaction and improved health outcomes. 


Updox eliminates manual processes and integrates multiple solutions with a single platform to save practices time and money. That makes providers more effective, staff more productive and patients happier and better informed,” says Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “By partnering with PracticeSuite, we can transform healthcare with modern, impactful ways to maximize the patient experience and drive revenue.”  

About Updox:

The only place to manage healthcare communications across both in-person and virtual care, Updox offers one consolidated inbox for healthcare providers to manage the entire patient journey and office productivity. Through an all-in-one platform, Updox provides a broad set of capabilities for virtual health, patient engagement, and paperless office efficiency that work together to reduce costs and drive revenue. Updox is integrated with more than 100 electronic health records (EHR) and pharmacy management systems and serves more than 560,000 users and 210 million patients. Updox customers also benefit from an engaged user community for benchmarking, idea exchange and networking. Learn how we simplify the business of healthcare. Visit or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About PracticeSuite 

PracticeSuite is an Ambulatory Technology Integrator offering whole-practice medical office solutions, providing an affordable cloud-based practice management system, electronic health record software, patient engagement portal, and revenue cycle management services (RCM).

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