Significant Cost Savings with a User-Friendly Online Fax Solution

Practice benefits through reductions in paper, toner and staff resources

When Prescott Cardiology sought to find the best online fax service that offered better options for tracking faxes, provided confirmations and offered enhanced sent/received data – their research brought them to Updox. The practice started using Updox for electronic faxing that linked directly with their EHR.

“What we get through Updox has been amazing. It has solved a lot of issues we had in the past. We have easy tracking and better documentation of how faxes are sent and received. Now we’re able to tell where and when a fax was sent, along with how many pages and how many attempts were made before it was received. The detail is amazing. We’re a detail oriented practice and now the detail we have is even more refined,” says Eric Costanios, manager, Medical Records, and HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer.

Costanios is also happy with the way that Updox integrates well with Prime Suite. “It’s been amazing – a completely smooth, user-friendly process.”

Significant cost savings

Since implementing Updox for electronic faxing, Prescott Cardiology uses 75 percent less paper each month, going from eight cases to two, and have seen similar reductions in their toner costs.

Before implementing Updox, Prescott Cardiology had to hire in temporary staff to assist with scanning. Thanks to Updox, the practice reduced their scanning by 75% and has reduced labor costs in Medical Records by 90%

Updox offers a user-friendly solution

Updox offered Prescott Cardiology a smooth implementation. “Once we settled on Updox, it was very easy to learn,” says Costanios. “We didn’t need any formal training. We sat down with staff and let them practice on the solution themselves. It was actually a fun tool to use and you can practically watch items getting faxed out or moved to the chart right from your desktop. Staff found it very empowering for them to learn. We don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for papers to get scanned into the system; now it is almost immediate.”

“Updox not only met my expectations – it has already exceeded them and we’re still finding new ways to use the solution to benefit our practice.”

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