Streamlined, Secure Communications with Updox

“Updox is consistently reliable and HIPAA-compliant. It saves me 3-5 hours a week.”

Many people escape the cold, snow and ice of northern states to spend their winters in Florida. Still – even “snowbirds” need healthcare and secure, streamlined channels are essential for communications between their regular physicians and those serving them in Florida.Updox-CarouselBanner-20180601AudienceSpotlight-Patient (1)

Aileen Staller, DNP, APRN, works through USBD Transition and Home Care to connect with various providers to coordinate care for patients in the Naples, Fla., area and communicate with doctors in their home states to ensure continuity of care while managing their primary care needs. Patients may become ill during the winter or require healthcare or hospitalization or need care for chronic conditions. Dr. Staller helps coordinate their home care or prescription needs. She uses Updox electronic document management to communicate with home health agencies, out-of-state physicians and durable medical equipment companies and appreciates the way it integrates easily with her Practice Fusion electronic health record.

“Updox is consistently reliable and HIPAA-compliant. I’ve recommended it to several other providers in my area and they tell me it’s the best thing they’ve every used. Now, when you send a fax or document, you don’t have to wait to see if it goes through or wonder if it was really received. Updox does that all for you so there is no waiting, wondering and calling to check.”

An audit trail is one of the best features of Updox that Dr. Staller appreciates. “Updox gives me great insight into document status. I can send a prescription off, get confirmation that it was received and file it right to the chart,” she says. She also appreciates that documents are more legible because they are filed electronically and not printed out, signed, scanned and then faxed again. “That just helps with safety for everyone,” says Dr. Staller.

A customer since 2017, Dr. Staller says Updox saves her at least 3-5 hours a week that she’s able to focus more on patient care, instead of paperwork. “The integration with Practice Fusion is also great. I can see three or four patients, write my notes and orders straight in the EHR. There’s nothing to scan and it goes through right away.”

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