3 New Years Resolutions to Make Your Local Pharmacy Thrive

Whether it’s losing weight or saving money, it’s that time of the year where we begin to focus on New Year’s resolutions. But instead of solely focusing on individual achievements, we at Updox would like to challenge you to set goals for your community pharmacy as well.

Since only about 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions, we created the following list to make it clear and easy for your community pharmacy to reach its goals in 2020 (hint: they all involve technology).

Goal 1: Work More Closely with Physicians 

Both pharmacists and physicians play an important role in healthcare and are trusted resources for patients and communities. In order to achieve the shared desire that patients receive the right prescription, adhere to medication regimens and have positive clinical outcomes, 2020 should be the year you work more closely with one another.

In fact, research shows that collaboration between pharmacists and physicians in primary care may have a positive impact on patients with various chronic diseases. So, how can your pharmacy achieve this?

Through healthcare software that was built to connect all members of a patient’s care team. For example, community pharmacists and physicians can collaborate in real time through video chat, secure SMS and instant messenger services to make medication recommendations and more.

Goal 2: Increase Access to Care

Community pharmacists serve a wide range of patients and geographies, and often these factors can impact access to care. For instance, in the past, elderly patients have had a difficult time making it in to see their pharmacist in person, and rural patients have had to travel long distances for a quick check in.

But through advancements in pharmacy technology, this structure is changing. Telehealth tools can dramatically increase quality of care while also reducing costs. In fact, 70% of patients said they would be comfortable communicating with their provider via video, text or email instead of seeing them in person.

For example, with secure text messaging, a community pharmacist can engage patients, help them manage medication, give immunization reminders and provide customized tips. “Texting has been a game changer for us,” says Steve Coomes, owner and lead pharmacist for Aubrey Health Mart Pharmacy.  “Voice mail was frustrating as we would leave messages with questions or requesting information and patients would call back and say ‘I missed a call from you’ but hadn’t listened to the message. We’d have to figure out who had called them or what information we needed to get. With text, we can send the information they need to receive or the question we have. They can call or text back if necessary and it’s a much quicker, more efficient process.”

Goal 3: Use Digital Marketing to Acquire Consumers

As a business owner, you’ve probably set revenue goals for 2020. In the face of mounting competition from retail pharmacy chains, it’s important you prioritize patient acquisition in the New Year in order to reach those financial goals.

For example, 86% of consumers read an average of 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a local business. Potential patients are no different. When it comes to researching pharmacies in the area, your patients are likely to flock to the internet. Whether it’s social media ads, online reviews or a robust website, it’s time your community pharmacy invests in cost-effective digital marketing to compete, stand out, and reach potential customers.

Whether you’ve chosen to focus on better collaboration, improved access to care or strong digital marketing, Updox has what you need to succeed. Click here to see what your pharmacy can do when you start Updox’ing

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