Front Office and Nursing Staffs Agree – Updox Saves Time

Delivering Outstanding Efficiency and Cost Savings to Busy OBGYN Practice

“As soon as we turned Updox on, it started saving us money.”

Strong testimonial from Natalie Ingle, CHTS-PW, director of Operations for The Woman’s Clinic in Monroe, La. The practice is busy with 10 physicians, four nurse practitioners in five different rural locations. The group sees more than 250 patients each day, providing OBGYN services and an obstetrics Medicaid clinic. 

When Natalie joined the practice in early 2018, she wanted to improve efficiency for staff and patients and also lower costs. She previously worked as an EHR implementation specialist and knew the benefits of how the right technology can support efficient practices and staff. Natalie learned about Updox through the practice’s EHR Marketplace. She evaluated three different technology solutions and selected Updox. “My research showed that cost was better with Updox and I liked the ease of use and intuitive nature of what it offers. Now that we’ve been using Updox – it does exactly what it said it will and we’re very happy with it.”

Before implementation, The Women’s Clinic was spending more than $60,000 in paper alone and paying for eight phone lines. They were able to dramatically reduce those costs and cut expenses for toner, shredding and fax machine hardware.

To help streamline implementation across all five locations, Natalie identified super users at each office. “I created a one-page sheet for each role. Once they were comfortable with the workflow, we did a phased roll-out to all staff, starting with our largest location. Once staff realized that with Updox they never had to print a document and walk to the shared fax machine again, they were all in.

With less faxing and filing – thanks to Updox – the practice did not need to replace a Medical Records staff member who recently left. The staff of two in that area can manage what it took three people do to before. That also increased their return on investment savings once they started Updoxing.

“It’s rare to find a product that is well liked by both front office and nursing staff and staff love using Updox,” says Natalie. “Between five locations, we have 20 staff members checking patients in and out, in addition to faxing, answering messages, phones and more. Now, they can access everything from the Updox inbox. It helps spread the workload between the locations and lets us work much more efficiently.”


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