Nation’s Largest Primary Care Practice Uses Updox Telehealth for Patient Care

“Updox makes telehealth simple and secure.” 

Central Ohio Primary Care is the nation’s largest independent primary care practice, with 420 physicians across 80 locations, who serve more than 400,000 patients in central Ohio. The practice already used Updox for communications and electronic document management services in their administrative offices.


“Because of our existing partnership with Updox, we were excited to learn more about their HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution and how it complimented the Updox solutions we already used. Although we had an existing telehealth solution through our electronic health record, we implemented Updox to use as another option for our providers’ preference,” says Michael Farrar, information systems business solutions and security manager, COPC.

When COVID-19 struck, COPC had to move forward quickly with telehealth within a matter of days as a way to serve patients, while protecting physicians and staff. Despite the pandemic, where other businesses are struggling to meet customer needs, telehealth allowed COPC to see 75 percent of their normal patient volume. “If we didn’t have Updox, we might be worried about security breaches or providers using solutions that weren’t HIPAA-compliant. We know we have a secure partner with Updox,” says Farrar.

Farrar reports the solution has been adopted well by physicians and patients. “Updox offers a very easy-to-use solution that is device agnostic and appeals to users of all ages and tech levels. Updox makes telehealth simple and secure and that’s the whole success behind it. It’s a win-win for us. Providers like that Updox is a web-based environment, it’s a great, easy to use interface.”

Because it has been adopted so well by the practice and patients, Farrar is confident telehealth is a permanent feature for COPC. “Telehealth will definitely be a part of our future service. It makes healthcare easy and accessible. Users like the solution and it’s become an important part of delivering healthcare.”

“It’s awesome how Updox was able to be there for us in such an important way and provide an excellent solution to help us care for patients,” says Farrar. “Updox listens to customers and seeks input to deliver enhancements. They are great to have has a partner.”

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