Healthcare Value-Based Tech Designed to Support Players on the Field

Since the early 2000s, the patient-centered care movement has increasingly put patients in charge of their health decisions to help improve clinical satisfaction and health outcomes. But healthcare isn’t just a one-person team.

Healthcare CRM Value-Based TechnologyThe patient’s entire care team – physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and more – are key players for scoring better outcomes. Yet, the rise of healthcare consumerism has left providers watching from the sidelines as expectations of today’s patients challenge them to rethink their game plan. This patient-first evolution leaves providers feeling increasingly inundated by regulations, patient demands and technology.

It’s time to shift the patient-centric dynamic to support all players on the field, including physicians – the quarterback of the care team. With provider burnout at a crisis level, the healthcare industry must examine frustrations that were inadvertently introduced by technology, and then create integrated solutions to ease doctors’ workloads.

Shifting the Healthcare Focus

While it’s great to empower patients with more decisions when it comes to their health, they are not the ones with the tools and solutions to make health outcomes successful. Therefore, if technology vendors focus on patients first – they are doing a disservice to providers and staff.

Healthcare consumerism challenges providers to utilize more patient engagement technology, such as secure text and video chat technology, to meet patients where they are. And while these tools are much needed, the volume of login credentials, browser tabs and apps has led to providers feeling inundated by technology options that solve one problem but don’t work cohesively from a common platform.

Providers at the Center of Value-Based Care Technology

After being sold a patchwork of different technologies, healthcare providers are feeling the pain from a lack of integrated technology between systems in their offices. For instance, Updox’s recent Healthcare Technology Report found that nearly 60% of providers rely on four or more different technology solutions to manage daily functions including document management, internal messaging, appointments and more.

That’s why it’s time to shift strategies. As the care team’s quarterback, physicians have the power to re-write the game plan so that everyone wins. When providers and staff are happier and more satisfied in their jobs, by less rework and redundant tasks, providers have the ability to focus more on what got them into healthcare in the first place – helping patients.

Value-based technology can help put providers back on the playing field by giving them the tools and resources that increase efficiencies, resulting in more time to help patients.

Is your practice bogged down by endless technology logins that only result in more problems? Learn more about our goal to improve patient experience and better health outcomes through provider-centered value-based care technology.

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