Saying “I Do” to Patient Engagement

Saying “I Do” to Patient Engagement

Updox Shares Lessons Learned From Health Care Practices Successfully Leveraging Patient Communication Tools to Improve Health Outcomes and Lower Health Care Costs

Dublin, Ohio, Sept. 25, 2014 – Have you ever tried calling on a Monday morning to schedule a doctor’s appointment? You might easily spend 15 minutes on hold with a busy practice. Anyone with an Internet connection can order a pizza, schedule a car repair appointment or share their latest social media status globally in seconds but only 20% of us are able to communicate online with our medical practice to schedule our own appointments or request a refill. Other businesses offer communications technology to meet consumer demand. It’s time health care caught up.

Patients are demanding convenient, secure ways to interact at their convenience with their physicians. Patient engagement is the strategy that maximizes technology and makes it meaningful for both people and practices. Practices that want to stay in business have to offer these services. Some say “It’s difficult to get started,” or “Patients won’t use it,” or “It’s too time consuming.” Instead, the questions that practices focused on patient engagement should be asking are “Where do I start?”, “How can we keep it going?” and “How much time will this take?” Updox customers are already engaging patients online with great success and Updox has gathered the best ideas and resources to help others get started.

“In terms of cost and resources, the effort it takes our practice to care for 10 patients who actively use our portal is equal to what is required to care for one non-portal patient,” says Kari Jewett, office manager, Family Medicine of Jonesborough, Jonesborough, TN. “In fact, 78% of our patients use the portal to view results, book appointments, update demographics and pay their bills. Our staff makes 50 fewer calls each day. As a result of having more time, we’re able to offer more personalized care.”

To facilitate patient engagement and create stronger links between consumers and health care professionals, Updox, the industry leader for physician connectivity and CRM solutions for health care, has taken their experience of working with thousands of practices to make communicating with patients a reality and consolidated that knowledge base into a resource page to help physician practices increase patient portal adoption and encourage patient engagement. Content available at includes benchmarking success stories, tips and tools to support portal adoption, on-demand Webinars and blogs and more. Content and suggestions will continue to be added through a forthcoming Updox user community for idea exchange and benchmarking.

The benefits of patient engagement are far-reaching. According to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, patients not engaged in their own care can cost 21% more than “highly engaged” patients. Not only do patient engagement tools motivate patients to take the lead in their care, they also significantly improve office efficiency through reduced no-shows, improved workflows, and fewer staff hours spent calling patients and following up on phone messages.

“Strategic patient engagement doesn’t have to take a great deal of time. When done well, it actually saves time and allows for more focused patient care,” says Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “Updox has collected input from physicians and practices that are using their portals successfully in a way that doesn’t require significant additional resources on their part and maximizes the relationship between patient and practice to dramatically improve the patient experience, which benefits the practice’s bottom line.”

Once practices open the lines of communications for patient engagement, it’s vital they keep them going. Updox’s resources include initial suggestions to encourage immediate portal adoption, as well as ideas for maximizing the communications channel introduced by the portal for longer-term customer relationship management and benefits.

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