Technology Built to Heal Your Staff’s Burnout

Ninety-two percent of physicians report experiencing burnout at some point in their careers. But burnout doesn’t discriminate between physicians, pharmacists, nurses and support staff. In fact, 50% of nurse care managers, 36% of front office staff and 53% of health-system pharmacists feel burned out. Burnout blog

So, at a time when the entire healthcare team is feeling the burn, it’s important to get to the heart of the issue. Burnout shouldn’t be a necessary byproduct of working in this passion-driven industry.

Value-based care technology can’t solve burnout, but the right software solutions can help address some of your staff’s wants and needs:

“I want…to reach more patients.”

It’s not the paperwork that entices people to enter the healthcare field. They join because of their passion to help patients live happier and healthier lives. Anything that detracts from this should be kept to a minimum.

Therefore, your staff needs the technology that allows them to get in front of hard-to-reach patients, instead of handling missed appointments and the added paperwork of no-shows. Video chat and telehealth services offer opportunities to maximize time and create a better patient experience by allowing providers to engage patients where they are—in ways convenient for both people.

“I want…more facetime with patients.”

Staff, including nursing, administrative, pharmacy and office employees, often juggle tasks with inefficient and inoperable systems that zap productivity through complicated, redundant processes that require logging in and out of multiple systems. These staff frustrations filter throughout your office, eventually making their way to patients too.

While you may not be able to control all sources of burnout, you can start by addressing administrative pains. Fully integrated technology solutions that include eFax, document management, a collective inbox and more can help streamline work processes, eliminate redundant work, and stop manual tasks to allow for more patient-facing care.

“I want…more time with my family.”

Relying on a variety of technology solutions to streamline overhead and support the administrative side of the business—voicemail, email and appointment scheduling—can hurt more than it helps. That’s why you need a single, seamless system that prevents the headaches felt by these tasks. When you automate the tasks that eat up so much work time, your staff is able to get more done during the workday so that they can get home to their families or personal lives faster.

At Updox, we’re helping to change the narrative around staff burnout to start healing healthcare. That’s why we offer technology solutions in one fully integrated healthcare collaboration platform that make the business of healthcare run more efficiently.

We aim to put hours and dollars back into your practice, but most importantly, we help improve work-life balance, enhance staff satisfaction and increase time spent with patients while eliminating manual steps. But don’t just take our word for it:

“We were focused on finding the best solution for us in terms of cost, productivity and HIPAA compliance,” Updox customer Marcy Hatch, CMPE, of University General Surgeons in Knoxville, Tenn. says. “When we reviewed options with those criteria, Updox couldn’t be beat. The dollar savings are great but that is outnumbered by workplace improvements Updox gives us. Staff are less stressed and just genuinely happier with their workday.”

Are you ready to take advantage of technology that can alleviate the pains of practicing medicine? Download our It’s Time to Heal Healthcare whitepaper for more ways healthcare technology can help your staff put their focus back on what really matters—treating patients.


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