Updox Direct Network Dominates Physician Connectivity – More Than 35 EHR Partners Select Updox as HISP for Direct Messaging

Updox Direct Network Dominates Physician Connectivity – More Than 35 EHR Partners Select Updox as HISP for Direct Messaging

As Interoperability Moves Beyond HIEs, Updox Takes Lead to Extend Direct Messaging for More Than Just Meaningful Use

Dublin, Ohio, February 19, 2014 – Updox, the industry leader for physician connectivity and CRM solutions for independent medical practices, announces that, to date, more than 35 electronic health record (EHR) vendors, representing 140,000 physicians, have selected Updox as their Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for Direct messaging. The Updox Direct Network (UDN), the largest in the nation built on Direct, serves a full spectrum of health care, including ambulatory, acute care, specialty practices, medical labs, dental practices and small and mid-sized practices, to assist with the transfer of clinical and administrative data. The size and scope of the UDN is driving Updox to develop new ways of using Direct messaging to support interoperability across the industry and extend its value beyond Meaningful Use.

The growing list of Updox EHR Partners that are a part of the UDN include Amazing Charts, Greenway Medical, Practice Fusion, e-MDs, Modernizing Medicine, Eyefinity, Kareo, CareCloud, MacPractice, Healthland, Dentrix, MedInformatix, GEMMS, InteHealth, ICS Software, MDsuite, Mountain Medical, MaximEyes, SabiaMed and SourceMedical, among others.

“Updox is the trusted HISP of choice for EHR providers across the country. Our network continues to grow because we deliver unparalleled service and proven results for our partners,” said Sean Ramsey, president, Updox. “The scale of our Direct network and our ability to offer a single resource for integrated practice communications, including a patient portal option, are the reasons more than 35 strategic partners selected Updox.”

Updox is committed to helping independent medical practices improve the way they communicate. With the growth in Direct, the UDN is expanding exponentially. What sets Updox apart is that it offers more than just the network. The Updox platform is a set of tools that EHRs can offer their customers that aggregates all communications into one inbox. For example, messages can come through the patient portal, Direct messaging or even fax into one central location. Once communications are aggregated across the UDN, the opportunity for applications that help make relationships more efficient is endless. The UDN provides the ideal channel for launching Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies such as referrals, networking, communicating with partners, enhanced connections with patients, marketing, wellness promotions and health education that providers can use to connect with peers and patients.

“Studies show that 74 percent of HIEs are struggling financially. Early on, they were thought to be the complete solution for interoperability but, with no sustainability model beyond grant funding, they are going out of business. This leaves a hole in our industry for interoperability that Direct messaging is in a position to fill but it must be expanded,” said Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “Updox is well positioned to be a leader in how Direct is used and how its capabilities can be evolved beyond just what’s required for Meaningful Use.”

The EHR partners already a part of the UDN will reap the benefits of selecting Updox as their HISP as the organization continues to grow the network by developing more applications, innovating other solutions and services and adding additional partners.

“We chose Updox because we felt they understood our focus on ease of use for our physicians and our commitment to quality of care. We were impressed by their responsiveness, service and ability to think ‘outside the box.’ The opportunity to offer our physicians Direct messaging capabilities using the Updox network is a definite asset that, with the ability of Solution Series version 8.0 to import structured data, can significantly enhance coordination of care. We’re excited by what is to come from this partnership,” said Chuck Frederick, RPh, executive vice president, Product Solutions, e-MDs.

Updox is focused on how today’s technology impacts the future for health care providers and implementing technology in innovative ways to put providers back in the center of care and create more profitable practices.

About Updox

Providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for independent medical practices, Updox is the industry leading Physician Connectivity Platform. More than 35 electronic health record EHR vendors, representing 140,000 physicians, selected Updox as their Health Information Service Provider (HISP) of choice to be a part of the Updox Direct Network (UDN). With our CRM solutions, independent medical practices can easily manage communications from one inbox, streamline physician relationships, drive collaboration with partners and engage patients – all integrated with the practice’s existing EHR. Practices benefit through improved relationships with patients and other providers, increased revenues, reduced costs, and enhanced business efficiencies.

Updox services are available directly to independent physicians or through partnerships with EHR vendors to help practices run more efficiently, increase revenues and offer patients a more satisfying experience interacting with their providers where they are treated like customers and not numbers. More than 20,000 members have joined Updox to change how medical practices collaborate and share information.

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