What’s Next: Preparing Your Practice for the New Decade

With the new decade comes an opportunity for providers to take a step back and evaluate what’s working for their healthcare practice and what’s not. Think of it as a wellness check regarding the core activities of a business’s daily success. Especially, when it comes to the two most important aspects of a thriving practice – patients and staff. 2020 whats new blog

The next 10 years will usher in a wave of changes – from daily practice needs and evolving patient expectations to bigger healthcare transformations and technology innovations. So, gather the following baseline key performance indicators (KPIs) about your team and your consumers now and monitor them closely in 2020. 

Staff Engagement & Retention

Patients won’t be happy if administrative and clinical staff aren’t happy. At a time when frustrations and burnout are at crisis levels, it’s important to recognize that an effective patient experience starts with employee satisfaction. When your staff leaves – so do your profits. Why? Josh Bersin of Deloitte says the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5–2.0x the employee’s annual salary.

Staff engagement and retention metrics measure your team’s happiness with the daily clinical and clerical tasks that keep a practice alive. So, consider issuing an employee survey as the New Year kicks off in order to gauge sentiment. Then, set staff up for success by implementing integrated healthcare technology solutions that diminish redundant tasks and simplify their day-to-day. 

Your practice could be like BlueSky Health, which switched to a digital communications platform and quickly saw employees breathe a sigh of relief. The provider’s office manager said, “[Previously,] I would have to run out to the office supply store for paper or toner. Now, we’re paperless and it saves so much time. [The new software] makes our work so much easier. It really does create a happier, more productive environment at work and that transfers to our patients.”

Patient Growth & Loyalty

Similar to the right digital solutions for staff efficiency, the right patient engagement solutions will be essential as healthcare consumerization continues to influence how patients expect care. After all, the return rate of current patients, and the growth of new ones, is directly correlated to positive patient experiences.  

Adopt solutions that reach them where they are virtually. In fact, 70% of patients said they would be comfortable communicating with their provider via video, text or email instead of seeing them in person. Patient engagement solutions like video chat, secure text and mobile messaging can help meet those expectations, while expanding healthcare accessibility and reducing costs. 

Just ask Montana-based internist James Legan, MD.  After implementing a patient communications platform he said, “I’m able to spend more time with patients, engage them in their care, make fully informed decisions and do what’s best for them.”

The continuation of technology adoption and the importance of patient experiences are inevitable factors for the future of healthcare. With the right tools and an engaged staff, your practice can welcome a new decade of doing what you love most – caring for your patients.

Whether you’ve chosen to focus on augmenting staff satisfaction or improving patient-provider communication (or both!), Updox has what you need to thrive in 2020 and beyond. Click here to learn more about Updox’s solutions for success in the new year.

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