Using Electronic Fax and Patient Reminders to Improve Efficiency

East Belt Family Medicine is a busy Houston practice with two providers and two physician assistants. Susana Garcia is the practice’s Office Administrator. 

Susana Garcia East Belt Family Medicine“When a representative from Updox contacted us, the idea of cutting down on paper appealed to me and I was interested to learn more,” says Susana. “Paper is costly and the ability to edit documents online was a key difference for us.”

Going paperless takes a deep breath though.

“Honestly, I was hesitant at first. I was concerned about losing documents and not having a paper back-up copy. After using the system, that fear is gone. Now, I trust Updox and it creates a more seamless process for our practice. The fax confirmation is great, and I know that I can’t ever lose any document,” she says.

Staff response was also positive as they implemented the Updox e-faxing and document management feature. “Printing and electronic faxing from Updox makes it a very user-friendly solution and that helped staff get on board with a new system.”

“One of the best things about Updox is the efficiency it offers. Because it’s integrated, we can be in our EMR and print right to Updox to file to a patient chart. We don’t need to log out of one system and log into a different one. It’s all right there in the same workflow.”

The practice also uses Updox Appointment Reminders to send text, phone and email reminders to patients about upcoming appointments.

hipaa compliant e-fax services from Updox“We’ve noticed a reduction in the number of no-shows since using Updox and that’s been great. It’s definitely been an added value for our practice,” she says. “We didn’t have a reminders solution before Updox and we looked at another vendor but the opportunity to get both reminders and document management from one partner appealed to us.”

Patient response has been positive also. “Patients do appreciate the reminder. In the event they need to reschedule, it’s great for us because it frees up time in our schedule to add new appointments or adjust the schedule as needed. It helps us be more efficient,” she reports.

The Updox future is bright for East Belt. “I’m looking forward to future integrations and enhancements and seeing what else we can be doing between our EHR and Updox,” says Susana.

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